Enhancing Diversity and fighting against Discrimination

Bildungsmarkt logo 109x100Bildungsmarkt is a consortium of private non-profit organisations, which have been employing and training people on the labour market since 1986. Currently, bildungmarkt engages over 3000 persons and 350 employees in learning and working in our more than twenty facilities throughout Berlin.

We develop and provide initial vocational training (apprenticeships), continual training, as well as counselling and profiling in the trades and crafts industries and services sectors. Our clients are individuals of all ages and backgrounds, ministries, municipalities and labour agencies. Our partners are business associations, companies and vocational schools.

In the view of maintaining highly professional services and flexibly of adapting to the changing needs of individuals and the labour market, we cooperate in local, national and European networks and development projects. Moreover, European mobility and the exchange for training staff and learners is a strong pillar in all our pedagogic work.

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Lifelong Learning Programme

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