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Centre for Immigration and Integration is a public-benefit non-profit corporation. As such, its goals are:

  • to develop and implement innovative and interdisciplinary educational, research and cultural programmes contributing to the development of the civil society in Bulgaria and Europe-wide and to increase civil participation in the formulation of social policies;

  • to research and assist the social integration and personal development of young people and people in disadvantaged social and economic situations, including ethnic minorities, migrants and refugees;

  • to develop and implement modern forms and approaches for the protection of human rights of migrants and refugees, for fighting racism and discrimination and for the development of intercultural dialogue and integration;

  • to study the policies related to the cross-border migration of people and asylum and develop concepts, strategies and models for their modernisation in line with the world processes;

  • to organize and participate in cooperation initiatives between organisations from all over Europe in the context of the common EU asylum and migration policy;

  • to provide methodological, technical and expert exchange of knowledge and information between interested organisations from EU member states on matters related to the integration of vulnerable communities, including migrants and refugees.

In implementing its stated goals CII performs a variety of activities, among them:

  • interactive intercultural training of young immigrants (second generation) from the Middle Eastern countries jointly with their Bulgarian peers. More about the conceptualization and achievements of this initiative can be learned from "The educational power of civil society". T. Trifonovain What about the other? A Question for Cross-Cultural Education in the 21st Century. Notre Dame University, Lebanon. 2012

  • partnership in the LingualInclusion: European models and best practices for language integration of immigrant children in primary schools project, implemented jointly in Italy, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Lithuania and Bulgaria and aiming to provide equal opportunities for education and training;

  • the project "Support for active inclusion of immigrants in the Bulgarian society", supported by the EIF, which developed a methodology for monitoring and an assessment of the immigrant integration policy and its updating with a special focus on the vulnerable groups of women and youths.

Website : cii.gateway.bg/en

Example of CII's activity 2014
Example of CII's activity 2014

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