Enhancing Diversity and fighting against Discrimination

Experimentation of the mentoringExperimentation of the mentoring by the partner Enda Europe in FranceIn the framework of Di&Di, partners plan mentoring sessions for professionals who support or employ qualified young people or low qualified women with a migratory experience, in order to take into account the specific needs and the potential of their target audience (qualified young people, low qualified women with a migratory experience) in their daily practices – Session designed starting June 2014 - carried out in each country starting January 2015

Mentoring addresses professionals working with target groups such as: managers of youth and women associations, social workers, recruiters and people in charge of diversity in businesses. Based on previous experiences of the partners, the mentor will allow trainees to take better into account the specific needs and expectations of qualified youths and low qualified women with a migratory background in their daily practices.

A common Mentoring Programme has been developed by Enda Europe then implemented and validated by the other members of the Consortiul. It is composed of nine modules :

Module 0 - Overview of the mentoring programme and overall context

Module 1- Description of the target groups for the mentoring in the context of promotion of diversity and fighting against discrimination

Module 2 – The Di& Di project – Context, objectives, perspectives

Module 3 – Di&Di audience - young graduate and low qualified migrants sharing a migratory background

Module 4 – Legal framework – Struggling against discrimination - From the European level to the national levels

Module 5 – Di&Di approach : a practical and empowerment approach on discrimination

Module 6 – The Di&Di method is focused on competences : approach, method and tools

Module 7 - Towards an action plan on diversity and discrimination issues targeted to low qualified women and young graduate with a migratory background and inspired from Di&Di method

Module 8 – SWOT analysis (critical approach)

Module 9 – Cultivating the lifelong learning spirit on diversity and discrimination issues through networking at different levels : Some examples

Sources – Literature and useful websites

The common mentoring programme will be translated and adapted in each European country, in view of the experimentation phase (mentoring sessions).

Lifelong Learning Programme

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