Enhancing Diversity and fighting against Discrimination

logo enda europe 77x86Enda Europe is a non-profit organisation and a member of the international network, Enda Europe whose experience justifies and inspires action. Enda is a French association which operates in Europe and internationally as a member of an international network strongly based in the South.

Extending Enda Tiers Monde’s vision and missions and together with its entities, Enda Europe considers the following as a unique contribution: Enda Europe is aware of the fact that most countries in the world face challenges that are not only similar in their symptoms but are also similar in their deeply rooted causes (environmental degradation, marginalisation of certain social groups, continual violence in many forms, increasingly complex economies, policies and social relations), with means that are unequally distributed to adapt to these challenges, and continuously creating solutions to these challenges. Thus, Enda Europe’s work is in favour of awareness and a process of actions, particularly in the North, on these issues and the circulation (South-South, South-North, North-North, North-South) of the best suited practices to solve these problems.

Enda Europe focuses on five missions of its own while extending those of Enda Tiers Monde:

  • Carry the voice of Enda entities in the South and dynamics involved concerning the popular workers they support.
  • Engage and influence North-South public policy but also "shaking" principles that underpin the practices of these actors, both public and private, that conduct activities in the South.
  • Enhance the experience and expertise in the problems of the South in the North, particularly in the areas of environmental stewardship, participation or popular dialogue and the fight against exclusion and gender inequality.
  • Contribute to challenging Enda entities in the South and their partners regarding emerging issues on North-South interdependence (including environmental and migration policies).
  • To mobilize help financially, from people and partnerships to enhance the action of Enda in the South.

For Enda Europe, given its bases and social places, the "voiceless" who need the most support today are migrants, women entrepreneurs or victims of social violence, scavengers and informal waste recyclers, young foreign students in France, popular promoters of water and sanitation programmes, residents and inhabitants of densely populated neighborhoods, etc. Enda Europe aims to enable social change, including the evolution of social protection, access and control over resources, development of responsibility in the social realm, between generations and across gender, by promoting the expression of strategic interests of social groups that cannot usually be seen or heard.

In light of widespread discrimination and increasing stigmatization of immigrants, Enda Europe is committed to dispelling myths and fighting against stigmatization and discrimination of immigrants by:

  • Promoting positive images of immigrants in order to improve France and Europe’s public opinion of the immigrant population through networks such as the Eunomad network which emphasizes an approach and actors of co-development, among women migrants and new generations of migrants (foreign students, youths with migratory background, etc.)
  • Supporting, through concrete actions, the visibility and emergence of networks for immigrant women in public debate
  • Fighting against discrimination in order to improve accessibility to employment for qualified migrant young people and migrant women with few professional and/or educational backgrounds. (For more information, please see our project JEDI)

Enda Europe is a non-profit organisation, which was created in 1977 to support the commitment Enda Third World in the fight against poverty and the promotion of sustainable development. The association conducts the majority of its business in Europe, in all countries of the South, particularly in the Mediterranean area.

It represents the northern NGO Enda Tiers Monde.

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International Day of Women's Rights, March 8, 2014.

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