Enhancing Diversity and fighting against Discrimination

iecob logo 109x100IECOB, or Institute for Central Eastern and Balkan Europe, was founded in 1995 by scholars from different European and American Universities connected through the "Europe and the Balkans international Network". Since then, IECOB has been active in promoting a yearly Summer School, MA Programmes and vocational courses organised on its own or in cooperation with the Alma Mater-University of Bologna and through these activities IECOB has contributed to the training of more than 900 graduate students. Most of these Alumni are successful in their careers at home or in international institutions, and represent a wealth for the networking system of relations promoted and supported by the Institute. As a result, the Institute can rely on a unique economic, social and political network of individuals and institutes that provide it with high quality politico-diplomatic, legal-economic and linguistic-cultural information, research and training on Central Eastern and Balkan Europe.

Furthermore, IECOB, the Alma Mater-University of Bologna and the University of Sarajevo cooperated with interdisciplinary postgraduate studies and Erasmus Mundus programme as well.

IECOB also cooperates with ERMA, the European Regional Master in Democracy and Human Rights in SEE of the Universities of Sarajevo and Bologna. Furthermore, as a result of Summer Schools organised on a yearly basis, IECOB has achieved a long and successful experience in developing trainings on issues such as "diversity management" and promoting research initiatives on issues such as "how to raise sensitivity against discrimination".

Website : www.iecob.net

Contact :
Dr Stefano Bianchini, Director
Corso della Republica 117 47 121 Forlì, Italy
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