Enhancing Diversity and fighting against Discrimination

The mentoring programme is both a tool and a model for 'mentors' of migrant jobseekers, such as the heads of migrant associations, social workers who interact with migrant audiences, actors form the employment and professional insertion sector, HR managers or organisations promoting diversity in the labour market. The Di&Di project targets professionals to give them the tools, sensitivity and capabilities to assist the target audiences. A first mentoring model was proposed by Enda Europe during the first year of the project. It was first shared with Iriv in September 2014, before being sent to the other partners, it was then discussed and validated during the European meeting in Forlì. The content was centred on three dimensions:

  1. the comprehension of the constraints, common and distinct expectations of different professional groups, according to their contexts of intervention (based on the lessons learnt from the Diversité+ project, and from the transfer of its innovative method).
  2. The use of certain themes already present in the training programme (presentation of the target audiences, legal framework of the fight against discrimination)
  3. Methods and strategies to build an action plan transferable to different professional contexts.

Just like with the training programme, the different partners adapted and translated the content of the mentoring modules to their respective countries. Pedagogical material, mentoring guides for the facilitators and additional content were elaborated and proposed during the mentoring sessions. After the experimentation phase the partners put all their different contributions together to think collectively about the results of the mentoring sessions. After a SWOT analysis on the mentoring model, organised by IECOB and ECAP during the European meeting in Zurich, an ameliorated and simplified European mentoring prototype was elaborated by Enda Europe.

Click here to download the final mentoring prototype.

Lifelong Learning Programme

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