Enhancing Diversity and fighting against Discrimination


The first Di&Di newletter informs about the general nature of the project “Di&Di”: More Diversity and Less Discrimination in the Labour Market. This project addresses discrimination in the labour market for reasons of origin and gender ‐ two of the six types of discrimination defined by the EU legislation in 2000. Di&Di focuses on two target groups considered vulnerable: qualified youths and low-qualified women with migratory backgrounds. The Di&Di project will design trainings for these target groups together with mentoring for people working with migrants (from association, companies, etc.).

The basis for the programme combines results of two former projects:

  1. Portfolio Migrapass: using tools and training for cultural mediators for Di&Di

  2. Diversité +: using strategy implemented by the project for mentoring.

The European team will develop training and mentoring sessions in their respective countries, taking into account the context of discrimination in the labour market experienced by qualified youths and low-qualified women with migratory backgrounds.

The consortium of the project is led by Enda Europe in coordination with Iriv (both French partners) with four other partners from four European countries: Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Bulgaria.

Di&Di is a Transfer of Innovation project, a Leonardo da Vinci Project under the Lifelong Learning (LLL) programme supported by the European Commission.

Lifelong Learning Programme

This project has been funded
with support from the European Commission.
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