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The first steering committee of Di&Di project

On Thursday, April 24, Enda Europe and iriv hosted the first Di&Di steering committee at Cité de Métiers, in Paris. All along the meeting, many ideas were discussed, as professionals from various organisations, associations, and companies were informed about the aims and expected results of the project Di&Di.

The launch of the steering committee have offered the opportunity to share and exchange with the participants about their practices, ideas and propositions. Enda Europe and Iriv have then presented the Di&Di project : the European partnership, its objectives, its main activities and its development in France. They have also described the expected content of the training and the mentoring programs, in order to have the participants' feedback on them.

After this presentation, discussion was opened with the participants.

One of them proposed English as a common language for training and mentoring sessions, in order to facilitate exchanges among the professional networks in the five countries. Another reminded that the 'eight key competencies' at the European Level are already in English. Therefore, Mélodie Beaujeu and Bénédicte Halba indicated that it is in the spirit of the project Di & Di to keep diversity of languages ​​and adapt the programmes to each national context.

The following topics were also addressed:

  • The issue of diplomas recognition, and access to information on VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience)
  • The issue of access on information about the project Di&Di
  • How to create interaction and reciprocal helping between the two targeted groups of the project
  • The necessity to focus on firms' involvement in the project
  • Further explanations of the Di&Di approach : how to promote diversity starting from a non-discriminating hiring process and the identification of employment barriers faced by migrants (such as diploma recognition)

The first steering committee of Di&Di project The first steering committee of Di&Di project

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