Enhancing Diversity and fighting against Discrimination

Leonardo da Vinci Project n° 2010-1- FR1-LEO05-49021


  • Enda Europe : Mélodie Beaujeu, Fabricia Devignes, Bernard Duhamel, Jacques Pomonti, Arielle Michelier, Michael Ruleta, Cédric Gossard
  • Iriv : Bénédicte Halba, Marta Guitart
  • IECOB : Stefano Bianchini, Sara Barbieri
  • ECAP : Nathalie Benoit
  • CII : Tihomira Trifonova
  • Bildungsmarkt : Regina Schmidt-Rossleben, Ulla Bünde, Madelonne von Schrenck


Thursday, 12h of December 2013

9h00- 10h00 Arrival of the participants at Enda Europe and coffee

Welcome and presentation of Enda Europe by Fabricia Devignes, director of Enda Europe

Short presentation of each of the partners of the Di&Di project

10 h00-11h00 Presentation of the project Di&Di

Objects and objectives of the project by Mélodie Beaujeu

Work programme by Bénédicte Halba

11h00- 11h30 Pause

11h30-12h30 Discussion and questions on the added value of the project for each partner in their respective country by Mélodie, Bénédicte and the Di&Di partners

12h30-14h00 Lunch

14h00-17h30 Presentations of each workpackage by its leader partner and discussion/questions on the participation of the other partners

14h00-14h30 Workpackage 1 - Management- by Enda Europe (Mélodie Beaujeu)

14h30- 15h00 Wp2 - Elaboration of the learning programme - by Iriv (Bénédicte Halba)

15h00-15h30 Wp3-Mentoring for professionals - by Enda Europe (Mélodie Beaujeu)

15h30-16h00 Questions

16h00-16h45 Wp4 Experimentation - by ECAP & IECOB

16h45-17h15 Wp5 Exploitation - by Center Immigration & Integration

17h15-17h45 Wp 7 – Evaluation - by Bildungsmarket e.v

16h30-17h00 Synthesis of the first day and presentation of the 2nd day by Bénédicte and Mélodie.

Friday, 13th of December 2013

9h00-10h45 Management of the project - Administrative and financial issues and rules, contract and bilateral contracts, timesheets by Mélodie Beaujeu

Discussion with all the partners on the different administrative and financial issues on the basis of the financial and administrative handbook proposed by the European Commission (45 min)

10h45-11h00 Break

11h00-12h30 Intermediary and final reports (deadlines, eligible and ineligible costs) by Bénédicte Halba

12h30-14h00 Lunch

14h -15h30 Presentation and discussion on the tools related to the Wp6 : disseminating results

Weblog and newsletter by Bénédicte Halba (IRIV)

Brochure, website, logo by Mélodie Beaujeu (Enda Europe)

15h30-17h00 Presentation and discussion on the final publication by Mélodie and Bénédicte with other partners (Wp6)

17h00-17h30 Synthesis of the two days and dates for the next European meetings by Mélodie and Bénédicte

17h30 End of the meeting

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Lifelong Learning Programme

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