Enhancing Diversity and fighting against Discrimination


  • Enda Europe: Mélodie Beaujeu, Simona Mattia
  • Iriv: Bénédicte Halba
  • IECOB: James Foschi, Stefano Bianchini
  • ECAP: Nathalie Benoit, Chiara Vanetti
  • CII :Tihomira Trifonova, Denitsa Kamenova
  • Bildungsmarkt: Ulla Bünde, Madelonne von Schrenck, Annegret Kestler



Thursday, 16th of October, 2014

 09h00 Pick up of participants at the Hotel

09h15-09h30 Arrival of the participants at IECOB, C.so della Repubblica 117  and coffee welcome by IECOB

09h30-10h30  Discussion and validation of training programme (WP2) by IRIV

11h00-12h30 Presentation, discussion and validation of mentoring programme (WP3) by ENDA Europe                      

14h15-15h30  Presentation of the Experimentation (WP4) by ECAP and IECOB  combining training & mentoring

16h00-17h00  Discussions about target-groups, contents, methodology

17h00-18h00  Exploitation (WP5) – all partners present their national steering committees


Friday, 17th of October, 2014

9h00-10h00    Presentation and discussion on the narrative report  by Enda Europe

10h30-12h00  Presentation and questions on the admin/financial report with small working groups about specific issues/questions.

12h00-12h30 Presentation of the strategy of evaluation by Bildungsmarkt (WP7)

 14h30-16h30  Dissemination (WP 6) by Enda Europe

 -          Publication on Di&Di website

-          Publication  of one article in a specialized review

-          weblogs in each country

-          Final publication

16h30-17h30  Synthesis and evaluation by Bildungsmarkt

17h30              End of the meeting

Lifelong Learning Programme

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