Enhancing Diversity and fighting against Discrimination

Experimentation of the mentoringExperimentation of the training by the partner ECAP in SwitzerlandSessions of training for qualified young people and low qualified women with a migratory experience will be set up in order to identify and value their skills & competences, to open their perspectives for employment or new professional careers.

It also aims to enhance their creativity and spirit of entrepreneurship, the exchange of the participants’ different experiences and competences – workshops designed starting January 2014, carried out in each country starting January 2015.

The trainings aims at enhancing the access to employment of both target groups by:
  • Preventing against discrimination risks in the labor market through legal tools and concrete situations.

  • Valuing special profiles and identifying competencies of trainees in order to enhance them.

A common training programme has been developed by Iriv, then implemented and validated by the members of the Consortium. It is composed of 10 modules :

Module 1 – The Di& Di project – Context, objectives, perspective

Module 2 – Di&Di audience - young graduate and low qualified migrants sharing a migratory background

Module 3 – Legal framework  – Struggling against discrimination - From the European level  to the national levels

Module 4 – Struggling against discrimination - examples of best practices in the 5 countries

Module 5 – Identification of the main obstacles to be overcome on the labour market by the Di&Di publics (theoretical approach)

Module 6 - Case studies - what is a discrimination / what is not a discrimination (practical cases)

Module 7 – Some tools and methods offered to enhance access to the labour market among migrants (Migrapass portfolio, Allinhe strategy…)

Module 8 - SWOT analysis (critical approach)

Module 9 – From discrimination to diversity - the positive side of the social & professional inclusion (changing the perspective) 

Module 10 – The empowerment process


The common training programme will be then translated and adapted in each European country, in view of the experimentation phase (workshops to be held in the five countries).

Lifelong Learning Programme

This project has been funded
with support from the European Commission.
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