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OLD: >>121943I have never seen one person get so angry at such a small thing. Perhaps they need to learn that memes exist for a reason, and they are the will of the community. Restricting the community and memes is counter-intuitive to discussion and culture propagation. "Lacking independent thought" – is just a idiots superficial observation, as the memes fit the individuals feelings.

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News Big updates regarding 3chan are posted here. FAQ Frequently Asked Questions A lot of useful information in here including information about some of our unique features. Rules Simple guidelines. You should read what’s on here if you don’t want to get B&! Blotter: 03/05/2020 – /z/ has a new user mod and is now known as /rnb/ – Rants & Baww 02/01/2020 – /z/ has returned with the concept of.